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Natural Recipe for Skin Care and Hair Beauty: Egg White Mask - Care Beauty

Natural Recipe for Skin Care and Hair Beauty: Egg White Mask


Are you suffering from clogged pores and dead cells on your skin? Are your acne problems, blackheads or skin blemishes stuck on your head?

Are you suffering from clogged pores and dead cells on your skin? Are your acne problems, blackheads or skin blemishes stuck on your head? What about oily hair? Don’t worry, these kinds of problems cause headaches for almost all women, and there are almost no women who are not bothered by them. It is of course your right to want to look smoother, brighter and healthier by purifying from pimples and acne and excess oil in your pores. Moreover, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on chemical materials with unknown side effects.

Egg white is the juicy clear part that surrounds a cooked or raw egg. The high protein and calcium in the egg whites help moisturize and revitalize your skin. It has been known since ancient times that egg whites are good for the skin. Egg whites, which are used in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, China and the Arabian Peninsula, provide not only skin benefits but also visible results in hair care. Egg whites are versatile. You can use it alone in masks or mix it with other natural ingredients for a beautiful and radiant complexion.

You can try different types of homemade masks for sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin and acne prone skin. What are the benefits of egg white mask? How to make an egg white mask? Would it be an egg white mask for hair? If you’re curious about things like, read our review and discover the benefits of egg whites in very easy ways you can apply at home.

Ingredients Required for Egg White Mask

1 egg white

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

1 teaspoon of honey

1 teaspoon of olive oil

How to Make an Egg White Mask?

Break 1 egg and separate the yolk and white. Whisk the egg white in a bowl to make it foamy. Then mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Then, gently rub the mixture on your face that you have already cleaned. When applying it to your face, be careful not to apply it around the eyes and lips. Let it dry on your skin for an average of 15-16 minutes. After it dries, rinse your skin generously with lukewarm water. If your skin becomes too dry, apply a moisturizing cream after the mask. You can apply the egg white mask 2-3 times a week, but do not be negligent if your skin occurs such as rash and itching.

Note: Before using the mask, you can test the egg white on a small area on the upper part of your hand and test whether it causes any allergic reaction. It is very useful to know the skin type when making a mask on the skin. Not all mixes are good for every skin, and eggs can cause an allergy in some people that can cause skin irritation, redness. If you feel any discomfort on the skin after applying the mask, do not use it and consult a specialist if you encounter such a situation.

Egg White Mask Benefits

Shrinks The Pores On The Skin

The enlarged pores are like a channel that collects dirt, oil and dead cells. It prepares the ground for acne and blackheads. The amino acids and enzymes found in egg whites, on the other hand, act as a filler that shrinks the follicles that fill the pores of the skin, increasing the texture and skin quality. In this way, your pores will shrink and you can prevent acne and blackheads.

Tightens the Skin

Removing dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin surface not only makes the skin look firmer and healthier, but also prevents acne and acne formation.

Removes Excess Oil From The Skin

During the day, dirt and oil accumulate on your face. If your face is not cleaned properly, this dirt and oil will cause acne, blackheads and blemishes. Egg white mask is very effective on oily skin thanks to its natural drying feature. When applied to the skin, it absorbs excess oil and helps reduce acne and blemish marks.

Reduces Wrinkles

The egg white mask helps to tighten your skin by reducing wrinkles and protects your skin. You can use an egg white mask to get a smooth and soft skin.

Protects Against Sunburn

The egg white mask also creates a protective layer that protects the skin from sunburn, allergic reactions and blisters.

Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

Environmental pollution, chemical products in dyes, hair straighteners or hair dryers are among the things that damage our hair a lot. Eggs contain plenty of protein, sulfur and biotin and are rich in minerals such as selenium, iron, iodine, folic acid, choline as well as various vitamins such as B5, B12, A, D, E. That’s why people have been using eggs for hair care since ancient times, as it is safe, simple and attractive in price. At the same time, eggs do not have a side effect like other chemical hair care masks. While egg white is particularly beneficial for oily hair, it also contains numerous benefits for normal or dry hair issues.

When these substances are consumed as food or applied as a mask, they ensure that the hair is shiny, thick and healthy.

There are various types of egg masks for hair. You can use the whole egg for normal hair, only yellow for dry hair, and only white for oily hair. Whisk one or two eggs as the simplest mask method. Apply thoroughly to the scalp, clean and dry. Wait about 20 minutes before rinsing it off with water. After rinsing the hair mask, shampoo your hair and wash it well.

An Important Reminder: Never use hot water to rinse off hair masks containing eggs. Hot water can make it harder for the egg to come out of your hair. Also, pay particular attention that the mask you apply does not come into contact with your eyes, nose and mouth. It is known that there are some bacteria in egg whites that can cause infection. After your hair care, be sure to wash your hands properly.