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natural recipe for perfuming the body

A natural recipe for perfuming the body without the use of chemicals

Some women believe that the only way to perfume the body themselves and to get a wonderful scent permanently for their bodies is achieved only by using perfumes, but the truth is that you can perfume your body without using any perfumes, by following a natural recipe for deodorizing the body without the use of chemicals.


Natural rose
warm water
rose essential oil
bicarbonate of soda

How to prepare

Soak a quantity of soft or dry natural roses in a quantity of warm water and add drops of rose essential oil and a spoonful of baking soda and mix well until the solution is homogeneous, then filter it and put it in a sprayer and spray it on your body after bathing and do not dry your body with a towel Put your clothes on perfume and you will 

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