intermittent fasting mistakes

Intermittent fasting is a diet that is very popular, especially among celebrities; For its effectiveness in burning body fat, especially in the areas of the waist and abdomen. However, some may fail to achieve the desired goal of the diet. In this context, we share with you the common mistakes of intermittent fasting followers.


Mistakes when following intermittent fasting


intermittent fasting mistakes


Intermittent fasting mistakes that lead to not losing weight


The intermittent fasting diet is based on regulating the timing of eating, and those that require a break from it. The methods of applying the intermittent fasting diet differ, in terms of the number of hours that the dieter fasts from food, if the different forms of dieting lead to weight loss, when adhered to not exceeding the amount of calories that are allowed to be eaten. The appropriate time for fasting can be determined according to each individual’s need. For example, it is possible to fast for 16 hours, make eating hours 8 hours during the day, or fast for 24 hours once or twice a week, and thus stop eating from lunch on the first day, until lunch on the second day, provided that the amount of calories is adhered to The calorie allowance, which is estimated at 2500 calories for men and 2000 calories for women.


Another option is to choose two specific non-consecutive days in the week, eat no more than 500 to 600 calories, during them, and then eat as usual for the rest of the week.


intermittent fasting diet


When following the intermittent fasting diet, it is recommended to adhere to the eating times


So, the reality of intermittent fasting is the process of regulating the time of eating, to regulate the work of hormones in the body, the most important of which is the hormone insulin.


On the other hand, there are mistakes, during intermittent fasting, that lead to not losing weight, the most common of which are:


1. The lack of adherence to the aforementioned instructions is a major reason for the failure of the intermittent fasting diet.


2. Neglecting the importance of fasting hours.


3. Water rationing during intermittent fasting.


4. Refrain from sleeping enough hours.


5. Excessive eating, after the hours of fasting, and exceeding the allowed amount of calories next.


6. Avoid dividing fasting meals into three main meals that start with breakfast, a second meal, and a third meal before fasting.


7. Exercising hard during fasting hours.


8. Excessive drinking of soft drinks (or juices rich in calories).


9. Excessive intake of sugar and its products.


intermittent fasting drinks


intermittent fasting diet


Drinks that can be drunk on intermittent fasting diet


Here are some types of drinks that are allowed in intermittent fasting:


• Water, due to its lack of calories, and its richness in necessary and beneficial elements for the body. In this context, it is preferable to drink mineral water because it contains mineral salts that contribute to reducing the side effects of fasting, such as headaches.


• Green tea (or green coffee, i.e. cardamom) because they contain “glocabin”, which is effective in increasing the level of fat burning.


• Aniseed (or hibiscus or tamarind) once a day; To avoid low blood pressure.


• Mint and lemon syrup (or cinnamon and ginger syrup) because it contains antioxidants and vitamins that contribute to raising immunity and maintaining general health.


On the other hand, adding apple cider vinegar to meals is beneficial, as it helps improve digestion, burn fat, and get rid of grease.

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