Natural masks…to treat acne

The causes that lead to increased sebum secretion in the skin must first be addressed, by adopting a diet in which one abstains from eating fats and reduces starches and sugars, as both of them are transformed in the body into fatty substances. This is because eating fats stimulates the sebaceous gland located at the hair follicle. It secretes sebum, which gives the skin an oily appearance and makes it prone to pimples.


In many cases, psychological stress is the cause of the appearance of pimples, as stress has a physiological effect on the body in general, including the hormonal changes that accompany it, which are another reason for its appearance. It is recommended to eat some herbs such as fenugreek, watercress, and chicory, as well as a lot of onions and garlic, as such plants help give the skin a healthy appearance. Here are some different masks that can be prepared at home:


Cabbage leaves can be prepared and left to boil intensely, then boiling water is taken and used as a facial wash on areas of pimples and pimples, by using a piece of cotton moistened with this wash and passing it over the face. It can be kept in the refrigerator to be used more than once, and this washing leads to the elimination of pimples.


– Cucumber, yogurt, or lemon juice masks. You can also use garlic, after cutting it into small pieces, and placing it on the pimples or pimples. Although it is a little painful, it gives a very good result. Such masks are used twice a day, in the morning and evening.


– Chamomile lotion: A small handful of chamomile plant is added to two cups of boiling hot water for 20 minutes, then filtered, and smeared with the liquid on the pimples twice daily.


– Carrot mask: Grate the carrots without peeling, add lemon, for half an hour, and apply it to the skin. It gives the skin clarity and a fresh color, removes all wrinkles and pimples, and eliminates the impurities on oily skin.


– There is another mask that helps remove the effects of pimples: a cup of pomegranate juice + a teaspoon of vinegar, and smear this mixture on the pimples several times daily.

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