mask to remove pimples and facial blemishes in the shortest period of time

Carrots are considered one of the oldest vegetables known to man, and people began to eat them after realizing their great health benefits. It is noteworthy that the Greeks and Romans were the first to tell about the benefits of carrots, as this came in their writings about 230 years BC. Carrots are considered one of the basic cosmetics, since they are one of the plants richest in vitamin A. This vitamin is necessary for the health and safety of the skin, and therefore it is included in many natural skin care products – as will become clear. Beauty experts also say that drinking fresh carrot juice on a regular basis has a clear effect as an anti-spots and blemishes on the skin, and also works to improve skin tone and clarity in general. The benefits of carrots are not limited to the skin only, as it is also a beneficial food for hair health

And the eyes because of their essential need for vitamin A.

Make your own mask that suits your skin, 100% natural.

Carrot mask:

Carrots contain an abundant amount of vitamin A, which nourishes the skin and is especially beneficial for sensitive skin.

Ingredients: ½ medium-sized carrot + ¼ spoon of honey

Method: Cut the carrots into slices, squeeze and filter. Add the carrot juice to the honey and mix the two well.


Apply the mixture to the skin, then rinse with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes