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natural keratin transforms hair into silky strands - Care Beauty

natural keratin transforms hair into silky strands

Since half of a woman’s beauty is her hair, every woman must take care of it and take care of it to the fullest, and that does not only lie in washing it, but even in adopting a set of nourishing things such as recipes that contribute greatly to its protection and shine.


the ingredients


half cup of olive oil

A handful of crushed banana peels

4 tablespoons of coconut oil

Half a cup of ground sesame

Half a cup of starch


How to prepare


Mix all the ingredients until they are homogeneous, and if you do not get a creamy texture, add an amount of coconut oil, then apply the mixture to your hair, then wrap it in the form of a cake, and leave the mixture on it for 4 hours, then rinse and you will see the tremendous result that you will get.