Balloon Exercise for Facial Muscles  





Preparation and application:


Inflate a balloon with your breath at least 4-5 times a day.


Do not speak for 1-2 minutes after inflating the balloon.




While inflating the balloon, you can inflate it as much as an apple in the first week, as much as a grapefruit in the second week, and as much as a watermelon in the third week.


In the following weeks, you can increase the frequency of balloon inflation.


It has been seen that the balloon inflating exercise eliminates many problems on the skin. For this reason, we have listed the benefits of balloon exercise for you;


It prevents cheek sagging. Your cheek muscles are strengthened.


It removes fine wrinkles on the face.


This method, which enables the facial muscles to work, helps tighten the skin when done regularly.


As the facial muscles work, oxygen delivery to the cells in the muscles increases. Thus, your skin ages faster.


It provides a lively skin appearance by providing blood flow.

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