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Natural drinks useful for polycystic ovaries

One in 10 women suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome and the resulting problems in fertility, reproduction and hormonal imbalance, and before we explain to you the drinks that benefit you in this case, let us explain to you more details about this pathology.


What is PCOS?


This problem begins when a disorder occurs in the menstrual cycle due to the increase in male hormones such as androgens, and other side effects occur as a result, such as abnormal hair growth, annoying acne, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, diabetes, in addition to the patient’s poor psychological condition and suffering. Constant depression and headache.


What are the symptoms of PCOS? Suffering from effects and blood tissue before menstruation. Disorders of the menstrual period between presenting and delaying. Very large weight gain. The appearance of acne and also weak and hair loss. Severe depression. Pelvic pain and shortness of breath. Spread of polyps. Diet in the body. What are the natural drinks useful in the case of polycystic ovaries? Fenugreek plant


The fenugreek plant is a magical remedy for relieving the effects of PCOS. Soak the fenugreek in water throughout the night. In the morning, eat it on an empty stomach and you will see a noticeable improvement in unbalanced hormones, in addition to that you will maintain your weight from the increase that negatively affects this disease.




Make a drink made of aloe vera extract and water and add honey and salt. This drink helps you cleanse the body and digestive system of toxins, remove fats, and provide the body with the hydration it needs.


Apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is an effective drink in the treatment of this pathological syndrome. Take it early in the morning and before breakfast, with warm or cold water added to it a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar helps balance blood sugar levels and lose weight, thus relieving cyst symptoms.


chamomile tea


Make a cup of chamomile tea, and get rid of cyst and stomach pain, and it is also a soothing drink for nerves, tension and emotions and reduces menstrual pain as it calms the symptoms of colds.





plum juice


In the morning, eat a glass of plum juice (plum pieces + water + rock salt + sugar) to relieve the pain of PCOS and also lose weight, which exacerbates this syndrome.


Natural drinks useful for polycystic ovaries


Info: Plum drink is very beneficial for women who suffer from insulin resistance




Mix ashwagandha powder with a quantity of warm water and mix well, to treat the problem of mood swings and also PCOS.

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