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How to get rid of gas and flatulence!! - Care Beauty

How to get rid of gas and flatulence!!

Many women suffer from gas and flatulence; And you do not know that there are some foods that increase the production of gases and thus increase the possibility of bloating, and therefore reducing the intake of these foods may help the patient get rid of bloating, so the patient should write down the names of all the foods and drinks that he eats and drinks, to know which of them may cause bloating occurs.


Some foods that cause gas and bloating:


Legumes Peas Lentils Cabbage Onions Broccoli Whole grains Beer Soft drinks A lot of fats sugars…


Effective recipes to get rid of gas and flatulence:


Clove: Clove oil may help reduce bloating and gas, by producing digestive enzymes. Clove is used by adding 2-5 drops of it to a cup of 230 ml of water, and then drinking it after meals.





Dried figs and olive oil: Soak a quantity of dried figs in olive oil for a whole night, then take three figs before eating meals.


Mint: Mint drink is one of the best home remedies for flatulence and gas, as it contains menthol, which is a natural antispasmodic, and helps facilitate bowel movement.


Anise seeds: The action of anise is similar to what mint does in getting rid of digestive spasms, and helps to expel gases from the abdomen.


It is reported that passing gas from the abdomen is normal and common, and passing wind accompanied by bloating, pain or swelling in the abdomen can interfere with daily activities or cause embarrassment, but these signs and symptoms usually do not indicate any serious underlying condition, and often reduce with Make simple lifestyle changes.