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Natural Chinese masks that help you in skin care

Chinese women are famous for the beauty of their fresh, glowing, and wrinkle-free skin, as they follow their skin care routine. One of the procedures that Chinese women take to maintain the health of their skin is to apply natural masks to lighten their skin color and make it smooth and pure.




The best Chinese masks

1- Chinese tea and egg mask to whiten the face and reduce wrinkles

Before we present to you the method of preparing this Chinese tea and egg mask, it was said that it caused a sensation all over the world, because of its benefits in whitening the face and reducing wrinkles.




One and a half teaspoons

1 egg white (you can use half an egg white, depending on how much you want)

a spoonful of milk

A spoonful of ground gelatin

Two tablespoons of starch


how to prepare:


Mix the egg whites and tea well in a small bowl.

Add the yogurt and mix the ingredients well.

Add the ground gelatin and mix well.

After adding each tablespoon of starch, mix well.

Spread the mixture on your face, hands, or any area you want to whiten, and spread it in circular motions.

You control the recipe and can layer it in a few layers or double the amount.

Leave the mixture for 5 minutes, then rinse it well with water.

2- A Chinese mask with eggs and honey to whiten the skin







a spoonful of honey

egg white

how to prepare:


Mix the egg whites and honey well.

Apply the mixture to the face as a mask, then let it dry and then rinse it off with water.

Apply this mask twice every two weeks before going to bed.

3- Chinese rice mask for clear and smooth skin



1/2 cup of rice

1 and a half cups of water

how to prepare:


Boil the rice over medium heat until it turns white.

Drain the boiled water, let it cool, and then dip a small piece of cheesecloth and wet your face with it.

Apply the mask for a quarter of an hour, and you can dip the cloth back into the water if the solution dries up.

Repeat this mask twice a week.

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