Nail biting expresses stress and frustration

Nail biting expresses stress and frustration


The habit of biting nails is no longer limited only to children. Rather, we often notice men or women practicing this habit, and perhaps they not only bite their nails, but also reach the skin surrounding the nails.


To find out the causes and negatives of this habit, we consulted Dr. Enas Abdel Moneim, professor of psychology at Ain Shams University, who told us that nail biting leads to cracks or wounds in the skin, which contributes to the occurrence of microbial and fungal infections, and thus weakens the body as a result of the toxins present in the nails.


This habit is mainly due to stress, frustration, and severe anxiety, and as a result of exposure to pressure at work or in school among children or adolescents, especially in the case of recurring problems within the family.


Dr. Enas adds that the habit of biting nails expresses a very sensitive and emotional personality, and is a means that a person resorts to to release his energy from nervous tension and anxiety. She also warns mothers against preventing their children from biting their nails by force, as it usually produces adverse results. The solution lies in searching for the causes. The child’s tension and closeness to him, to give him a feeling of security, which certainly helps a lot in providing psychological calm, which leads to the gradual decline of this habit.

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