Let’s Explain the Collect! 6 Ways to Stretch Your Nails Stronger and Faster

The health of the nails is one of the issues that women care about the most. Therefore, a weak and brittle nail can be a big problem. No matter how long you try to stretch your nails, they will continue to break as long as you do not practice proper care for them. If you want to extend your nails faster and healthier, listen to our recommendations. Here’s what you need to do for faster and healthier growing nails…


1. Do not constantly rub

Because the nail polish forms a thick layer on the nail, this layer is thought to protect the nails. When it comes to nail care, the biggest misconception comes from here. When the nail is exposed to nail polish for a long time, the chemicals in the nail can leak into the nail. This leads to discoloration, cracking and peeling. Of course, this does not mean that you should completely stop using nail polish.


2. Use a scissor instead of nail scissors

If we do not shorten the nails frequently at regular intervals, the nails may become more brittle. But it is important to choose the right tools for nail care. Although nail scissors are one of the easiest products to use, they can cause cracks and peeling. Therefore, shortening the nails with the tube allows you to get better results. Because the rasp does not put pressure on your nail. In this way, you can get ahead of the cracks.


3. Do not clean without wearing gloves


The detergents we use when doing housework can negatively affect nail health. These harsh chemicals will cause the nails to dry out and crack in the long run. Similarly, keeping your hands in the water for a long time can cause weakening of the nails. Therefore, do not forget to wear waterproof gloves before cleaning.


4. Eat foods rich in vitamin B


Not just nail health, but our overall health is largely linked to our diet. One of the essential vitamins for nail health is vitamin B. Therefore, adding vitamin B-rich foods to your nutrition list can help strengthen nails. Without forgetting, let us remind you that rice is rich in vitamin B.


5. Rub your nails with Vaseline


One of the first products that comes to mind when it comes to hand care is vaseline. This product helps keep nails and cuticles moist at all times. When applied regularly every day, it can prevent your nails from breaking.


6. Orange juice for stronger nails


Vitamin C-rich foods are crucial for overall health and, of course, for nails and hair health. However, this vitamin can be applied externally. Try soaking your nails in fresh orange juice for 10 minutes every day for your nails to grow faster. A small tip is citric acid in orange juice can dry out your nails. Therefore, after washing your hand, do not forget to moisturize your nails with your favorite cream.

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