Mushrooms in pharmaceutical laboratories to counteract cancer




Researchers have discovered that certain types of mushrooms are able to affect cancerous tissue so effectively that they can be used to develop drugs to treat tumors.



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Pharmaceutical compounds extracted from mushrooms represent new avenues for the treatment of tumors


Moscow – A recent international study revealed that mushrooms contain natural chemical compounds that can be used to develop new drugs to treat and combat cancerous tumors.


The study was led by researchers at the Far Eastern Federal University in Russia, in cooperation with the Swiss University of Lausanne, and published its results in the latest issue of the scientific journal “Oncotarget”.


The team conducted its study on 4 types of mushrooms, or “mushrooms”, which are widely used in folk medicine in the Far East and Asia.


The team discovered that these types of mushrooms are able to effectively affect cancer-affected tissues, in addition to their low toxicity, which will reduce their side effects on the body.


And the study proved that the drugs that can be extracted from these types can treat several types of cancers, namely cancers of the blood, colon and rectum, stomach, liver and others.



Medicines that can be extracted from mushrooms can treat several types of cancers, including colon, rectal, stomach and liver cancers.



“In ancient China, mushrooms were considered the most effective treatment for various types of cancer,” said lead researcher Dr. Vladimir Katanaev.


He added, “Therapies extracted from mushrooms can represent a promising field for scientists, by exploiting the natural chemical compounds found in mushrooms to produce anti-cancer treatments.”


He pointed out that the medicinal compounds extracted from mushrooms represent new ways to treat tumors, as they provide us with stand-alone alternatives to chemotherapy, preventive drugs, or drugs that must be used with other cancer treatments.


He noted the importance of conducting more research to monitor the immune effect of mushrooms on patients, in order to reach effective methods to defeat cancer.


According to the data of the World Health Organization, cancer is one of the most common causes of death around the world, accounting for about 13% of the total deaths of the world’s population annually.


Cancers of the lung, stomach, liver, colon, breast and cervix cause most of the deaths that occur each year due to cancer, according to the organization.

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