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Moisturizing the skin around the eyes - Care Beauty

Moisturizing the skin around the eyes


It is the most important area that needs hydration.

Because it is one of the thinnest areas of the face and one of the first to show signs of aging. Untended eyelids quickly begin to wrinkle and sag.

And the area is covered with halos that accumulated by fatigue and years. Therefore, the earlier you start taking care of the area around the eyes, the longer your youth will live.

Moisturizing the skin around the eyes, how and when?

You need creams that contain vitamin E and A, and you also need to drink lots and lots of water to maintain this softness.

And the tenderness that young people possess and which adults miss.

You also need to have an eye massage night after night by patting them with your fingertips,

By applying the cream in a circular motion, against wrinkles, i.e. from outside to inside, under and above the eyes.

And if you do steam baths, it is preferable to put Vaseline around the eyes to protect them from exposure to high heat that increases the early appearance of wrinkles,

Especially if you apply these baths frequently.

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