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Moisturize your skin in one minute without greasy effects

Nivea introduces a new skin care cream coated with over 100 years of experience



Scientists spend a fair amount of time in their labs researching a new formula for skin creams and now Nivea introduces an advanced and different cream that provides deep nourishment without leaving any greasy effects on your skin, and gives women a new feeling of skin recovery. This cream is easy to apply on the skin that absorbs it easily, making it the most suitable cream for the face and body.


When using this cream, the balanced amount of wax encased in a light gel quickly dissolves into the skin, while the ultra-caring wax crystals provide intense long-term nourishment and make the skin look soft and smooth.

Also, “NIVEA CARE” is available with pearl extract and vitamin “C”, which helps to restore the skin to its natural state within 4 weeks of proper nutrition without any greasy effects, as well as SPF15 extract to protect the skin from sun damage

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