Mixtures to exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead cells


Skin care and attention is one of the basics of maintaining it so that you always enjoy healthy, clear skin and free of wrinkles. Among the important mixtures are skin exfoliation mixtures that rid the skin of dead cells and work to stimulate blood circulation in it. A mixture of peeling skin.


A mixture of exfoliating dry and normal skin:


It consists of two tablespoons of ground almonds + a teaspoon of white honey + half a teaspoon of orange juice. It is placed on the face for an hour and when it dries, the face is rubbed with the stomach of the fingers in circular motions, then the face is rinsed with cold water and finally rinsed with cold rose water.


Mixture for peeling oily and mixed skin:


  1. It is a spoonful of salt + a spoon of sugar + half a lemon mixed and then placed on the skin for two minutes, then rub the face with the stomach of the fingers, then rinse the face with cold water and then with cold rose water. This mixture can be used for the hands and feet, but left on them for a longer period.

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