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10 vitamins that keep your skin tight

Maintaining a young and tight skin away from wrinkles is the dream of every woman with the progression of time, therefore, you can achieve this goal by constantly taking care of your skin and staying away from stress, anger and sunlight for a long time, and following these tips from cosmetic experts:


1- Take two tablets of “brewer’s yeast” two hours before food, in the morning and in the evening.


2- Eat lemon, berry or carrot juice daily.


3- Eat 100g of watercress juice per day.


4- Eat cucumber juice, as it contains vitamin B, which purifies the body.


5- Drink plenty of fluids in general.





6- Avoid smoking completely, and go to bed early.


As for the protection against wrinkles, the most important vitamins that protect against aging and the appearance of wrinkles are: A-B-C-E:


1- Vitamin A is found in carrots, tomatoes, parsley.


2- Vitamin B is present in brewer’s yeast.


3- Vitamin C is found in all kinds of oranges, celery, artichokes, spinach, mallow.


4- Vitamin E is present in all types of wheat bran, corn, olives, whole rice, hazelnuts, spinach and mallow.

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