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Mixtures and exercises to reduce the large and long nose

If you suffer from a large nose and want to reduce or slim the nose because it causes you embarrassment, anxiety and lack of self-confidence, and you do not know how you can make it look small or reduce it naturally without resorting to surgical operations, do not despair, as today through this article we will present some Natural ways to reduce the nose through natural recipes and exercises, so follow them and get to know them with us


Mixtures to reduce the large nose:

1 – Mix some ginger with some pure water until the mixture becomes suitable, not liquid and not thick, but half liquid, then put this mixture on your nose before bed and leave it until the next morning and continue this procedure for a week or two and you will see the positive result as Ginger is known for its high fat-burning ability, and therefore it will help you get a small, beautiful and attractive nose

2- Mix some castor oil with some fenugreek oil in equal quantities, then apply it to the nose and leave it for several hours and continue to repeat this for several days. You can apply this mixture on your entire face, but avoid applying it around the eyes.

3- You can also add beer yeast to honey or yogurt and apply it to the nose a, the entire face as a mask and keep repeating this for several days and you will notice the clear difference and the positive result in a short time.



4- You can also determine the shape of your nose by mixing equal amounts of each of the ground ginger and apple cider vinegar with toothpaste, then put this mixture on your nose and you will get the shape of the nose that you desire

5- You can also mix equal amounts of ginger and paste only to get a paste, then put this paste on the nose and leave it for one to two hours, then wash the nose and then apply an appropriate aromatic oil such as apple oil, for example.

6- You can also reduce the nose by using makeup tricks by using contour, highlighters, concealer and sculpting the nose in a way that makes it appear smaller. Your nose looks smaller than it is

Nose slimming exercises:

Here is a yoga exercise that helps reduce the nose as well as naturally

First open the mouth by pulling it forward as much as possible

Using your index fingers, place them parallel to the nose on both sides

Then take a deep breath, inhale and exhale with your nose, and the human eye should be here facing upwards

Squeeze the nostrils to move them while moving the jaw up and down at the same time

Nose reduction exercise

Here is also a set of easy and important exercises to maintain a beautiful and attractive nose shape:

  1. With age, the shape of the nose begins to change and some deformations may occur, so you can do a very easy and simple exercise to maintain the shape of your nose and help it to become smaller by pressing on the top of the nose using the index finger and then pressing down gently. You can practice this exercise daily to get bigger As many times as you can.
  2. One of the most important activities that help you in beautifying the shape of your nose is smiling, as in addition to the fact that smiling is beneficial for health in general and for the face in particular, it is very important in maintaining the muscles of the nose. Just smile while raising your nose up and repeat that from twenty to thirty times a day.
  3. Most women are not happy with the shape of their noses, and through the following exercise, it will help you sculpt and change the shape of the nose. You can do this exercise using your index fingers by pressing the sides of your nose from the bottom with your two fingers, and this exercise also prevents the nose from sagging.
  4. You can also move your nose by moving your nose in random directions to help the nose lose any accumulated fat and also to strengthen the muscles of your nose, but you must make sure that this exercise does not affect the rest of your face so that your face remains fixed and not moving while performing the exercise.
  5. The breathing exercise, which is considered an effective way to strengthen and shape the nose, and this exercise requires you to block one of the mouth openings with your finger by pressing it and breathing for a period of four seconds through the second nostril, and now repeat this movement with the second nostril

Getting rid of the smile line, and the smile line is the line that appears around the nose when smiling. Of course, this line increases in depth with age. To get rid of this line and reduce it, fill your entire mouth with air, close your mouth, and move the air in all directions within (the four directions) and leave it in each Direction for 5 seconds and then take the air out of your mouth and repeat this exercise as often as you can until you get rid of the smile line that appears around your mouth and gives the impression that the size of your nose is large.

The nose massage exercise, and massaging the nose, in addition to helping you to get a small and beautiful nose, it also helps to get rid of sinus pain and also get rid of migraines, so massage all parts of the top, bottom, or sides of the nose and continue to massage each part for five minutes in a circular motion and you must perform this exercise daily for at least a month.

 Finally, after all previous attempts with you, God forbid, failed, whether exercises, makeup  or natural mixtures, we reluctantly advise you to go to surgeries, but slow down, you must be in real need of surgeries and do not resort to them just for change, but you must consult the doctor and must That the defect in your nose cannot be lived with in any way before you take the surgery step so that you are not tempted to change what God created unjustly

Thus, dear girl and dear man, by following the previous tips with the nose yoga exercise, you will be able to get the small and beautiful attractive nose that increases your beauty and your self-confidence, and if a man does not always seek beauty and attractiveness like a woman, but of course he seeks to be of a good and acceptable shape

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