Mixes of vitamin C for whitening hands at home

Mixes of vitamin C for whitening hands at home


Mixes of  vitamin C for hand whitening  increase your  confidence  in the  beauty of your  hands and  remove  dark pigmentation from them  as a result of many  factors  such as sun-tanning,  exposure to  cleaning tools,  as well as brown spots  caused by  aging and  other  factors. Which  you can  easily  apply at  home to get  hands of a uniform  color  and free of pigmentation.

Vitamin C  mix with banana

Vitamin C is  one of the  best  vitamins that has a  wonderful  effect in lightening the  color of the  skin and  getting rid of  skin pigmentation  caused by  multiple  factors. You can  prepare a  wonderful  mixture for whitening  hands  by  mixing a  vitamin C  pill with a small  amount of water ( also  replace it with the juice of  half a  fresh lemon),  and mix  the solution with a mashed banana to get a homogeneous paste. Spread the  mixture  on your  hands and  leave it on for  at least 15  minutes  before washing  hands with  soap and water. Repeat the recipe  3  times  a week to get tangible results.

Vitamin C  mixture with starch

The  hands are an  important  part of a woman’s  beauty,  but  they are  exposed to  skin problems,  most  notably their  appearance in a non-uniform  color with the  spread of brown spots on them or the  change  in their  color. But this  problem  can be  treated  through this  mixture. Mix  half a  vitamin C tablet, or  you can  replace it with the juice of  half a lemon,  and mix the juice with  two tablespoons of starch to make a homogeneous paste  between your  hands. Spread it  on the  hands and  leave it for  at least 20  minutes  before  removing it with water. It is  best to  keep this  mixture  3  times  a week.

Vitamin C  mixture with potato juice

Get your  hands  free of spots and of a uniform  color  by  mixing  a quarter cup of lemon juice with  a quarter cup of potato juice, and a teaspoon of soda carbonate. Soak your  hands with this  mixture for 20  minutes  a day  until you get the  desired result. Potato juice is  characterized  by its  ability to whiten the  skin,  especially if  it is  mixed with  vitamin C.

After  you have  finished  using  these recipes, you  must moisturize your  hands  either with  natural oils  such as coconut oil, or moisturizing  creams to  prevent their dryness. 

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