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Mistakes Made While Dieting  

Mistakes Made While Dieting




After deciding to diet, when the application phase is started, after a while, weight loss in the body decreases over time. It almost stops. No matter how careful they are, most dieters can never reach the desired weight. That’s exactly why we researched for you. Let’s examine the issues that need more attention together.

Intensify your movement!

One of the things we recommend most when dieting is to exercise and do sports. In order for the diet to give results faster, exercises or sports should be done. However, if your weight is still on the right track even though you exercise or do sports with diet, there is something you are doing wrong. While dieting, it is necessary to exercise for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week. However, studies show that 80 percent of dieters do not stick to this board. If you are in the 20 percent slice and you still cannot lose weight, you should increase your exercise time or sports a little more. Because regular sports or exercise contributes to the regular functioning of many vital functions such as from adipose tissue to muscle tissue, from blood pressure to cholesterol regulation, and even prevention of constipation.


Minimize the amount of sugar!

Remember that excess sugar taken into the body is stored in your body as fat cells. If you have stopped eating chocolate or sweet cakes while dieting; even if you consume dried fruits or honey instead of them, the amount of sugar is very high, so it is stored in your body. For this reason, try to stay away from sugary foods whenever possible while dieting.


Do not consume foods containing carbohydrates!

Carbohydrate foods, which are mentioned a lot in weight gain, are among the things that should be on your menu during the diet. But as long as you don’t overdo it. Because carbohydrates are the structures that function first in the body. In other words, it provides the necessary energy and nutrients for our body. It is also effective in the use of proteins. Bread is a carbohydrate. Generally, the phrase “you will lose weight if you cut out the bread” is for those who consume too much bread. When people on a bread-free diet cannot get enough carbohydrates, conditions such as weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and distraction can be observed. Consume whole wheat or grain breads in appropriate amounts by avoiding the consumption of white bread in your morning breakfasts in the diet lists.


Chew your food well in your mouth!

Well-chewed foods contribute to the rapid functioning of metabolism. In addition, by prolonging your eating time, it contributes to your feeling of fullness for a long time. Foods that are swallowed without chewing too much cause the hormones that control the appetite to not work. Foods that are swallowed without chewing cause the stomach to work harder and get tired more quickly. This can cause stomach upsets.


Eating too much of certain foods just because it’s healthy!

In your diet lists, it may be preferable to eat nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds) in your snacks. However, since these nuts contain high calories, excessive consumption can make it difficult for you to lose weight in the body. Do not overdo it while eating nuts.


Consuming excessive amounts of light products!

Yes, the light products on your diet lists may be low in calories. But too much of anything is bad. If you consume too much light products because they are low in calories, your weight gain may increase.


Skip snacks!

When you look at many diet recipes, the recipes usually represent a time between meals, which we call “between meals”. However, many people who follow a diet do not like these meals at all and think that they will lose weight faster if they do not follow it. But the thing is, these snacks consist of foods that do not contain many calories, and while on a diet, they provide the replacement of falling blood sugar. It also helps you lose weight by accelerating your metabolism. When you look at a diet list consisting of snacks throughout the day, many vitamins and minerals are taken into the body and a healthier diet becomes inevitable. If you skip snacks, your diet will not give full efficiency.


Not getting enough sleep!

Since insomnia will affect hormones, you should pay attention to regular sleep intake. Make sure to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.


Avoiding stress!

In every aspect of our lives, sometimes things may not go well. Our psychology, which is affected by environmental factors, tends to deteriorate. For this reason, try to keep yourself away from whatever is causing you stress. Because the hormones secreted by the body in case of stress can lead you to sugar intake.


Getting enough water consumption!

You must consume enough water, which we routinely remind every day, which is indispensable for our beauty and health. If water consumption is low while dieting, it becomes difficult to remove edema that accumulates in the body and causes swelling. Excess fats in your body also remain in existence. Since consuming water during the diet will give the body a feeling of satiety, the foods on the diet list will be enough for you.

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