Mistakes in skin care


Nothing like taking care of ourselves, right? As soon as we make a mask and apply a moisturizer, the refreshing of our skin also makes us feel more peaceful. We want to learn every detail of skin care and be a little more conscious, but sometimes a mistake leads to all the right things. We know you don’t want to do this to yourself, so we’ve pieced together the mistakes made in skincare.

Skin care is not actually a habit that should take place in our lives with age, but rather a hygiene habit that should become a part of our lives for healthy and good-looking skin from a young age. So instead of delaying this care, we should get a certain routine.

When we have so many options, so many resources and cosmetics that we can reach, we may not be able to distinguish between right and wrong. To find a fast solution for acne or resort to interesting methods to get rid of dark circles under eyes incorrect application or damage your skin you should do a good research before, luckily for you you’ve done even a little research!

Wrong 1 “ ” if I wash my face a lot, it will be cleaner”

Yes, the majority may think so, but actually washing our faces too much is one of the wrong moves we can do in skincare. You should know that it will be enough to wash your face twice a day in the morning and evening instead of the excessive face washing habit that causes our pores to be vulnerable to dead skin, makeup and dirt by peeling the layer in the top layer of the skin.

Wrong 2 – “I can apply any conditioner to my skin”

For skin care to have a really beneficial effect, it needs to suit your skin’s needs. This is why you can’t apply any cream to your skin. If your skin type is dry, you should choose products with a high moisturizing effect, for this you can use oil-based moisturizers or foam cleaners. But if you have oily or mixed skin, gel cleansers and water-based moisturizers are more suitable for you.

False 3 – “the more products I have, the better”

Using too many products causes your skin to become sensitive and react to the products you use. In addition, it becomes difficult to understand which product is not good for your skin. In addition to the products that you will use to clean and moisturize your skin, you can also add a mask or exfoliation to your routine, that’s enough!

Wrong 4 “ ” I’ll sleep without wiping my makeup”

One of the most wrong steps you will take for your skin health is to sleep with makeup. Cosmetic products can clog your pores, acne occurs on your skin at night with increased sebum and oil production, and you don’t want it! If you are very tired, you can wipe your makeup with a cleaning handkerchief instead of a cleaner, but you should never sleep with makeup.

False 5 “ ” No Need for sunscreen in winter”

Sunlight is responsible for fine lines and spots on your skin, so you can’t trust it! Although we need to get enough daylight for our health, we need to be careful for our skin. If you’re going to be between four walls all day on closed winter days, you don’t need sunscreen, but remember that for healthy skin, you should use an SPF 30-factor sunscreen every time you go out.

Wrong 6 “ ” it’ll go faster if I blow up my acne”

Blasting your acne, even just touching your face, can be harmful to your skin. Acne spread or germs on your face can cause more spots and scars on your skin. Instead, you shouldn’t put your hand on your face and pop your pimples either.

Wrong 7 – ” I’m not exfoliating enough”

You’re probably exfoliating enough. Peeling, which you do at home with relatively natural or very chemical-free products, of course, does not take as deep care as the chemical versions that a professional will apply. However, it cleanses dead skin and dirt that accumulates on the skin better than your cleaner. If you’re exfoliating once a week, you’re exfoliating enough.

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