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Coronavirus era aesthetic demands are increasing - Care Beauty

Coronavirus era aesthetic demands are increasing


Demand for plastic surgery increased during the coronavirus period. Non-surgical applications such as botox and filling are among the most demanded aesthetic operations. Beauty Consultant Şehnaz Askeroğlu gave important information about the increasing aesthetic demands during the coronavirus period.

During this period of being closed at home due to the coronavirus, video online meeting programs and social media applications increased the interest in aesthetic beauty. As a result, the number of those who were looking for solutions, disturbed by the aesthetic flaws on their face and body, also increased. So, what are the most demanding aesthetic procedures in this period?


According to the researches, non-surgical operations with injection system, especially botox, are in the first place throughout the world during the coronavirus period. Many aesthetic problems from wrinkle treatment to facial rejuvenation, lip aesthetics to chin aesthetics can be treated with injection applications. As surgical applications, there is increasing interest in aesthetic surgeries, where people can recover effortlessly, especially in the short term. The most important of these are surgical operations such as shaping the eyes with endoscopic eyebrow lifting, and removing the sad and tired expression of the person with mid-face lift. Rhinoplasty and breast aesthetics took the first place. In addition, bichectomy has also been in high demand. In summary, the demand for plastic surgeries that shape the face and make people look vigorous and refreshed has increased.


Many people, especially those who see the pandemic period as an opportunity for the necessary recovery time, take the path of plastic surgery for surgical operations that provide permanent results. In the pessimism environment created by the pandemic, it is seen that people are in a search to make them feel better. In this process, they find non-surgical surgical procedures more reliable when choosing. Plastic surgeons also emphasize the importance of general health to patients and suggest to postpone their heavy operation demands to the post-pandemic period unless it is very urgent. Especially during this period, we need to make all the necessary efforts to not risk our general health in any way and to keep our morale high.