Misconceptions about retinol

Most dermatologists recommend retinol to their frequent visitors, due to the amazing benefits of a naturally occurring vitamin A derivative.


There are some misconceptions about the use of retinol in your skin, according to your “beauty”.
Retinol should not be applied around the eyes
You can apply retinol around the eyes, it will help you fight the signs of aging. But it is necessary to put a very small amount of it, as the skin around the eyes is more sensitive than the face, so the ability of skin to absorb faster.
Retinol should be used daily for faster results
You can indeed use retinol daily, but this will not speed up its work and obtain the desired result. You can include retinol in your beauty routine, once or twice a week in the evening. After that, you can gradually increase the number of times you use the retinol product and the percentage according to your skin’s adaptation to it. Either way, you will benefit from retinol, whether you use it daily or twice a week

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