Mineral soap and glycerin for freshness of the skin

We offer you a way to prepare a natural soap for your skin from metal that works to lighten the skin and restore its freshness.

Glycerin soap

Learn how to prepare it with us, according to the Femininity website.

Half a cup of chopped metallic.
Rosewater cup.
Two tablespoons of starch.
Two tablespoons of powdered milk.
A tablespoon of honey.
Grated glycerin soap.

Method of preparation:
– Mix all ingredients except soap in a food processor, until you get a homogeneous liquid mixture.
Put the soap in a pot, and place it over medium heat until completely dissolved.
– Add the mineral mixture to the melted soap, stirring well, then pour the soap into specialized molds, or you can use cupcake molds or ice cube molds, and leave for 24 hours until it cools and freezes.
– Empty the soap from the molds, and use it to wash the face, places affected by freckles, or melasma, and dark spots while leaving the foam on the skin for a minute before rinsing with lukewarm water.
Use the soap daily and you will notice the lightening of your skin in no time.