Masks starch and yogurt for the skin


Women of different ages want to have perfect skin free of defects, which drives many of them to buy expensive cosmetic powders, maintaining the freshness and beauty of the skin is important for every woman to appear in the most beautiful suit, beautiful and clear skin is the basis of beauty in women, it is also one of the basic factors that increase self-confidence, and despite the.

Starch for skin

Starch is a natural compound characterized by its white color and it is odorless and tasteless, available in the markets as a powder, and consists of amylopectin sugar and amylose sugar, and is one of the carbohydrates that can be obtained from starchy vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, in addition to corn and rice, starch is used in the manufacture of foods to give

Yogurt for the skin

Yogurt is made through the fermentation of milk, and this product contains useful nutrients for health, including: calcium and protein, and eating it contributes to the promotion of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and lactic acid produced by the fermentation of milk is the one that gives the milk flavor and distinctive taste, and enters the milk in the preparation of recipes

Benefits of starch and yogurt for the skin

Mix yoghurt with starch and its use in the treatment of skin covering them, because these ingredients contain a lot of nutrients including: calcium, magnesium, protein and other items, we will act in comes the benefits of starch, yogurt for the skin:

This combination helps to moisturize dry skin, because it contains lactic acid.

It exfoliates and regenerates dead skin cells.

Contributes to smoothing the skin.

Treats skin from sunburn.

Gives the skin freshness and health.

It unites skin tone and opens dark spots.

It helps to clean the skin from impurities and dirt.

Serves to narrow the wide pores.

Soothes the skin after hair removal.

Treats the skin from inflammation and sores caused by pills.

Starch and yogurt masks for skin

There are many recipes used in the treatment of skin including masks that consist of yogurt and starch, and go on come to the leading mask of starch, yogurt for the skin:

Starch and yogurt mask to brighten skin tone


6 drops of lemon juice

4 tbsp yogurt

2 tbsp cornstarch

Method of preparation and use

Lemon juice with yogurt is placed in a deep dish, then add cornstarch.

Mix the ingredients well together for a homogeneous blend.

Clean the skin with water, then dry and apply the mixture.

Leave on the skin for 20 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water.

Repeat this recipe twice during the week until the skin tone is light.

Starch and yogurt mask to soften and moisturize the skin


2 teaspoons of starch

2 teaspoons of instant yeast

8 teaspoons of yogurt

2 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate

2 teaspoons of honey

A pinch of ground cinnamon

Method of preparation and use

Place starch, cinnamon, sodium bicarbonate and instant yeast in a deep bowl.

Add yogurt and honey to the above ingredients and mix until homogenous.

Apply the mixture to the skin and leave from forty-five to sixty minutes.

Wash skin thoroughly with warm water.

In this article we learned about ways to make starch and yogurt masks for the skin, and we talked about the benefits of starch and yogurt for the skin, resorting to natural recipes gives the desired result if you continue them regularly.