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Mars Chocolate Cheesecake - Care Beauty

Mars Chocolate Cheesecake



Butter: a tablespoon

Mars Chocolate: 6 pieces

Keri: 6 cubes

Cream: a box

Biscuits: 2 boxes

Condensed milk: a carton (sweetened)

Whipping cream: bag

How to prepare

In a large bowl place the biscuits, then grind them well.

Put the butter on the crushed biscuit, stir, then place the biscuit on the tray.

Bring the electric mixer, then put the cream with the Kiri cheese and Mars chocolate and mix well.

Add the condensed milk to the blender, then add the whipping cream powder and blend again.

Put the mixture of cream and curry cheese on top of the ground biscuit and put it in the refrigerator to cool and stick.