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Make-up damage - Care Beauty

Make-up damage


The make-up of the skin has a harmful effect because it consists of compounds and heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which are dissolved in fatty compounds such as cocoa oil, and some coloring materials are included in some petroleum derivatives, and they are all oxides that harm the skin, and the absorption of these materials by the skin pores causes inflammation and sensitivity.” .

But if the use of make-up continues, it will have a harmful effect on the tissues that make up the blood, liver and kidneys.


All these preparations are composed of chemicals that have harmful effects on some of their users, either through the direct irritating effect on the skin, or the unusual response of some types of skin to these materials, especially those with skin allergies, or the harmful effect of sunlight, which has a significant impact on the presence of these substances on the surface.”


As mentioned by health departments in Canada as a result of research carried out, and adopted by the World Health Organization W.h. O…

Organic solvents and compounds of a chlorine nature – the most important of which is chloroform – are considered carcinogens.


These researches were published and circulated to pharmacists in 1397 AH, and it is known that these materials are used in the cosmetic industry, especially lipstick.


Doctors also mentioned some scientific facts about lipstick, including that it absorbs light, causes dryness and chapping of the lips, and the skin around the mouth acquires a dark color.