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Made from natural materials.. A safe, guaranteed and whitening deodorant - Care Beauty

Made from natural materials.. A safe, guaranteed and whitening deodorant

You may be afraid if someone passes by you of the harsh smell of sweat and the inconvenience it causes you

It affects your mood throughout the day. Also, many people cause increased sweating

They have wet clothes in the underarm area, which does not seem appropriate. Despite the spread of deodorants, many do not use them; For fear of its side effects

Pores and underarm tanning. Therefore, we present to you, Madam, in the carebeauty Woman Magazine, a deodorant made from natural materials that are not only useful in




Removing the smell of sweat, but helps you to whiten this area.


Natural recipes to get rid of the smell of sweat:


Initial recipe:


After the bath, bring half a lemon and rub it on the area for 10 to 15 seconds a day for ten days. If your skin is sensitive and the lemon can irritate it,


So wipe the area after the bath with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions, and repeat the process permanently (and for your information, do not be afraid of the smell of vinegar, as it has no body odor).


The second recipe: a natural deodorant that you make at home yourself





the components:


A box of skin cream, two semi spoons of the type you prefer, a teaspoon of starch, blossom water, white musk oil (liquid white musk).




First: Mix two tablespoons of alum in a little blossom water, and filter it with a screen to filter out the sediment, then add the starch to it.


Second: Put the alum and starch blossom water on the cream and mix them well, until the mixture is homogeneous (you can stir it with a manual wire whisk).


Third: Put liquid musk on it (about 4 tablespoons), then take any rotating deodorant bottle, remove the ball, put the mixture, then put the ball again,


And put the box in the refrigerator for 3 days, and the result is (whiteness – a beautiful smell – sweat without smell), and the beautiful thing is that it does not leave a trace under the armpit, and it dries quickly.