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Learn about tomato recipes for beauty - Care Beauty

Learn about tomato recipes for beauty

The benefits of tomato fruits are many and many in terms of health and beauty. It is considered a natural anti-aging and also helps skin cells to regenerate because it contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Arab Mirror Magazine offers you some tips that help you take advantage of its aesthetic advantages.

Soothe sunburn:

I got sunburnt as a result of overexposure to the sun. In this case, try a mixture of yogurt and tomatoes. It is amazing for relieving sunburn pain.

Enhance skin radiance:

If you want to get healthy-looking skin in no time, mix tomato juice with honey for a sticky mixture. Simplify this mixture on your face as a mask.


Moisturizing hair and scalp:

After shampooing your hair, pour tomato juice on your hair and leave it for 5 minutes. This removes all styling product residue and moisturizes the scalp. Then rinse your hair with cold water.

Skin cleansing and revitalization:

Mash a tomato and an avocado to make a face mask. Simply put this mask on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. You may feel some tingling in your skin due to the acidity of the tomato, but this means that you will get a deep cleansing of the pores thanks to the properties of the tomato. Avocado maintains the natural hydration of the skin.

Pore ​​Minimization:

Mix one tablespoon of fresh tomato juice with two drops of lemon juice in a bowl. Dip a cotton ball in this mixture and pass it on your face using circular motions. After 10 minutes, rinse your face with cold water.

To get rid of acne and blackheads:

Tomato acid can remove dirt and prevent unsightly pimples. Spread the pulp of the tomato on the areas of pimples or acne for 30 minutes every day. After two weeks, you will notice the difference.

Oily skin treatment

Vitamins A and C, like all amino acids, are known for their ability to reduce the oily appearance of the skin. So, make sure to moisturize your skin well after cleansing it in depth to avoid any breakouts of pimples.