Lupine mask to get rid of dark spots and lighten the skin

Lupine contains many natural substances that help lighten the skin and prevent its darkening. Lupine mask helps to tighten the skin and get rid of early signs of aging. Here, madam, is how to make the mask at home easily and effortlessly to get clear skin and free of spots.


Thermos mask ingredients:


A tablespoon of ground lupine


A tablespoon of milk.





1/2 spoon of rose water.




In a deep bowl, mix the ingredients well until a homogeneous paste is obtained.


The mask is placed on clean skin for 15 minutes and rinsed with warm water. Follow with a moisturizing cream.


The mask can be repeated twice a week, and you will notice that the tan and dark spots will gradually disappear.


Benefits of a lupine mask


Helps lighten the skin in a natural and safe way.


Eliminate freckles, melasma and brown spots.


Protecting the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight.


It is used in many cosmetics industries, especially lightening creams, melasma and freckles, because it contains vitamins A, E, and many fatty acids and minerals.


Lupine is also distinguished by its moisturizing properties for the skin, and its superior ability to treat damaged skin and eliminate skin infections and allergies.