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Learn the causes and ways to get rid of black armpits  

Learn the causes and ways to get rid of black armpits




Let’s be honest, one of the most common aesthetic problems that a very large percentage of women suffer from is darkening of the armpits. And while it is a problem that may cause you great embarrassment and may lead to a feeling of lack of confidence in yourself, especially along with those of us who are very fortunate and who have genetically white underarms, you should know that very many other than you suffer from the same problem, and it affects all ages and races, but it It may increase in Middle Eastern and Indian women due to their darker skin color compared to other Europeans.

In order to learn together how to get rid of blackening of the armpits, we must first know some of the most prominent causes that lead to them, which are as follows:


1- Shaving: Yes, that’s right, you may have heard this advice before: “Do not use a razor to remove armpit hair, as it causes armpits to blacken!” From your friend or relative, but did you really believe her? Because shaving only cuts hair, unlike sweetness, which removes hair from the roots, it may lead to the appearance of the armpits more black, and continuous shaving leads to the accumulation of dead cells, which in turn causes the skin of the armpits to darken. (Removing armpit hair with hair removal creams leads to the same result as appending, it only removes the hair from the surface).

2- Dead cells: As we mentioned in the first point, the accumulation of dead cells leads to blackening of the skin, which is why we always advise you not to neglect exfoliation of the body from one to two times a week, he said exfoliation rids you of the dead layer of the skin and leaves it smooth and bright.


3- Deodorants: They are a main cause of blackening of the armpits, why? Due to the chemicals it contains, which turns the skin day after day into a darker skin.


4- Wearing very tight clothes: If you wear tight shirts on a daily basis, you will definitely notice the darkening of your armpits after a while as a result of the skin rubbing against the fabric.


5- Genetics: Sometimes the causes are genetic, which may be caused by weight gain or hormones. In this case, go to the doctor so that you can fight the problem better.


6- Diabetes: If you suffer from diabetes, you are also prone to darkening of your armpits as well as other areas of your body. Go to the doctor in this case as well.


Since we have known some of the most prominent causes of this problem, here are some solutions:


1- Hair removal using sweetness: Get rid of the blade and go to the beauty salon once a month to get rid of excess hair under the armpits.


2- Lemon and baking powder: Lemon has a strong ability to whiten the skin, so rub a slice of lemon daily on the armpits before taking a shower (you can use lemon juice as well). If you want a more effective result, mix a little lemon juice with a little baking powder and rub the mixture on your armpits and leave it for five minutes.


3- Potatoes: Potatoes also have the ability to whiten the skin. Put a slice of potato on the armpits daily for 15 minutes and you will notice the difference after a while.


4- Cucumber: Cucumber also leads to skin whitening, use it as you would use potato slices to whiten the armpits.


5- Forget about deodorants: As we mentioned above, deodorants inevitably lead to blackening of the armpits, so abandon them completely, and use baking powder instead to remove the smell of sweat.

6- Don’t forget to exfoliate: Choose exfoliators with whitening effect, and you will notice the difference in several weeks.

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