Learn about Phytomer sessions to fight the signs of aging and take care of your skin

Phytomer, the leading brand in the world of cosmetic treatments, has developed the Extended Youth Wrinkle Correction Treatment to combat the signs of aging and to care for youthful facial skin. The treatment session works to give the skin a radiant outer appearance, fills in the wrinkles of the skin and reduces their depth, and rebuilds the facial skin, helping it to restore what it lost of the basic elements, which increases the radiance and freshness of the skin and gives it a charming texture.

Phases of the treatment session:


marine submersion stage


The first stage of the treatment session begins with a 15-minute back massage for perfect and instant relaxation. A self-heating marine mud mask is applied to the entire back to stimulate the detoxing process and restore the body’s nourishing minerals.


skin regeneration stage


After that, the face and neck are wiped with the Resurfacing Multi Exfoliant, which is applied in thin layers, area by area (in a criss-cross motion over the entire face) to exfoliate, renew and restore the freshness of the skin of the face and neck.


Wrinkle filling stage

The Wax Wrinkle Filler is warmed with the palm of the hand, and then massaged into the face, neck and décolletage area. The feminine feel and scent of the lotion enhance the sense of comfort. Thanks to its advanced formula, this wax fills in wrinkles, enhances the firmness of skin tissues and tightens the skin through tissue volumization.


Facial skin regeneration


Here begins a facial massage phase with anti-wrinkle concentrates and firming concentrates in order to obtain a concentrated effect on the level of deep wrinkles (such as the forehead, the eye contour, the area around the mouth, etc.) and the contours. Then a special Tensing Smoothing Mask is applied by applying a medium layer to the face and neck and leaving for 10 minutes.


Relaxation and alert phase


Here is the end of this beauty treatment, which gently concludes with a firming eye and lip contour cream, as well as the application of Expert Youth Anti-Wrinkle Cream to the face and neck, all to ensure complete skin rejuvenation.