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Get rid of open pores with PDT

Rejuvenation of skin cells and treatment of open pores by photodynamic therapy or PDT is one of the modern international techniques that “ is keen to keep you informed of.


The device exposes the skin to a beam of light, which is ultraviolet rays or a laser, after which the drug used becomes more effective and treats acne and enlarged pores, and the phototherapy reduces oily secretions from the sebaceous glands, reducing them and returning to their normal size.

Dr. Mudar Al-Qayyim, a specialist in dermatology and plastic surgery, laser surgery and hair transplantation, from the “Lamsa Obagi” clinics from Jeddah, spoke to “I am Zahra” about this technique, describing it as the latest technology in the world in terms of safety and effectiveness.


What is photodynamic therapy?

Photodynamic therapy is a prescription drug that is applied to the skin, aminolevulinic acid, which is FDA approved.


What cases is this treatment used for?

1- Treating some skin cancers

2- Regeneration of skin cells

3- Treating acne and rosacea

4- Give the skin the desired smoothness


What are the types of radiation used with photodynamic therapy?

Several types of radiation can be used, including lasers, pulsed light, diode lasers, blue rays, red rays, and other visible rays, and even solar rays. As for the medium (photosensitizer) that is placed on the skin, its time varies from 45-60 minutes, and the light medium is then directed to the skin for a period that varies from 15-20 minutes, and it must be directly on the treated tissue.

Is this treatment safe?

This treatment is very safe, and the woman then uses a cream for two days to reduce the redness resulting from it.


How many sessions does the lady need?

You need 3-4 sessions at different time intervals, depending on the patient’s condition

What are the steps of the phototherapy process?

1- Cleaning the skin with alcohol or using a sanding procedure

2- Apply the allergen for 40-60 minutes

3- Exposing the skin to rays for 10-20 minutes

4- Use a skin cream for two or three days only

5- Phototherapy is painless and does not need anesthetic

6- It is preferable not to be exposed to the sun for two days after the session or to use sunscreen

7- There are no side effects

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