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Laughing at human health?

Laughter reduces blood pressure, fights diseases, enhances immunity, and improves memory, according to a recent American study that confirmed that laughter reduces damage resulting from an increase in hormones that lead to high blood pressure.


The study conducted at Loma Linda University, one of the medical colleges in the US state of California, indicated that laughter secretes hormones that enhance a person’s overall health and improve his mood, and parallels the effect of meditation, which stimulates




Areas in the brain that eliminate mental disorders and illnesses and increase attention, according to the British Daily Mail website.


The study researchers believe that doctors should consider laughter and meditation as a new treatment method that should be taken seriously, given its effectiveness and ability to improve both organs and nerves, meaning that it treats disease.




Both the organic and the psychological, as the psychological and mood states play a fundamental role in many diseases.


Recent research has shown that the stress hormone cortisol damages nerve cells in the brain, thus negatively affecting memory and learning ability in elderly people, and that laughter increases endorphin levels in the body.




This leads to the release of dopamine in the brain, which gives a feeling of happiness. This causes a change in the activity of brain waves and thus improves memory. Thus, laughter treats many common serious diseases such as




High blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.



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