Lack of sleep brings you prostate cancer


Lack of sleep brings you prostate cancer





A recent American medical study reported that lack of sleep in men increases the risk of prostate cancer, and also causes breast cancer in women, while good sleep reduces the risk of infection.

The incidence of prostate cancer with age is the concern of any man in the world, and the bald man should be more concerned and take the initiative to conduct the necessary tests to diagnose the infection at an early age, as the bald man is more susceptible to developing malignant prostate tumors, as a previous study indicated.

Prostate cancer seems to be the specter that haunts every man, and doctors, on the other hand, are baffled by it. An old study has shown that the surgical treatments that doctors have followed over the past decades to fight this tumor are completely useless and ineffective, and that removing the prostate does not reduce the risk of death for patients. cancer.

Prostate cancer ranks second among the main causes of death in men, and doctors are confused about how to treat it, as it seems that aggressive treatments – such as surgery and radiotherapy – are not always effective and add side effects that may cause death in themselves. On the other hand, sometimes the tumor does not cause a health problem in the body. If left untreated.

The scientists who conducted the study said that high levels of the “sleep hormone” were found to be linked to a 75% reduction in the probability of contracting the disease in men.

The study says that a lack of the sleep hormone called “melatonin” affects other hormones in the body, affecting the susceptibility to prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

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