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L-arginine: indications, dosage, and side effects - Care Beauty

L-arginine: indications, dosage, and side effects

L-arginine, a type of amino acid, is considered a semi-essential; This means that the organism’s body lacks the ability to produce this nitrogen-rich amino acid, and it can be provided to the body by relying on rich foods such as nutritional supplements and dairy products. Arginine is the focus of interest for bodybuilders because of its interaction with a number of physiological reactions that occur within the human body, hence we talk about this supplement through my site.


The body can be supplied with this aliphatic acid by obtaining a number of food sources such as dairy products, red and white meat, fish, coconut, soybeans, wheat nuts, sesame oil, sunflower seeds, oats, etc., and it is possible to obtain This amino acid is a medicinal product. It is available in the market and comes in the form of tablets and capsules.


L-arginine benefits


Arginine is very important to the human body, as the body breaks it down through the citrulline enzyme to obtain the nitric oxide that the body needs, and its importance lies in the following:


It raises the sexual ability and its efficiency in men. It stimulates the process of blood flow that carries oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles, and the role of Arginine in this process lies in paving the way and expanding the blood vessels in front of the blood, which leads to enlarged muscles and gives them energy and strength. It stimulates the production of growth hormones and insulin and increases the amount of their secretion Reduces the amount of cholesterol if it is high. Maintains and regulates salt levels within the human body at constant rates. Increases the fat burning process. Strengthens and stimulates the immune system through its production of nitric oxide. Reduces high blood pressure for its role in expanding blood vessels. Stimulates gland activity Thymus and doubles its size, which is responsible for the production of cells. It rids the body of liver toxins by neutralizing and equalizing ammonia in the body. It increases the chance of getting rid of excess weight due to its burning fat and increasing muscle mass.



servings of L-arginine


Arginine users are advised to take their daily dose before starting exercise and after eating meals. Dosages are categorized by weight as follows:


Weight 60-70 kg is recommended to take 3000 mg. Weight 70-90 kg is recommended to take 6000 mg. Weight over 90 kg is recommended to take 9000 mg. Characteristics of L-arginine L-arginine has a white crystalline appearance. It is odorless. It melts at a point of 500 degrees Fahrenheit Its molar mass is 174.2 g.mol -1. Its chemical formula is C6H14N4O2. L-arginine contraindications


There is a group of contraindications that must be taken into account when using the drug L-arginine, and it is taken under the supervision of a specialist doctor, and we explain the cases in which it is forbidden to use them through the following:


Those who suffer from herpes in the genitals. Individuals who have had a heart attack for a short period of time. Those who suffer from any allergy to the ingredients in the medicine.


Every individual should be careful when using any type of nutritional supplement, and carefully consider the effects of it, and the extent of benefit from it as well, as arginine helps dilate blood vessels.