korean lipstick application

Korean women are distinguished by their beautiful and unpretentious look, by using a variety of cosmetics that are calm, elegant and simple, to highlight the features in a different way, so today we introduce you to the ways of applying lipstick in the Korean way.


How to put lipstick the korean style





The perfect elegant makeup is not without lipstick, which gives your face an attractive look after applying makeup, and with the multiplicity of methods of distribution and colors of lipstick, soft natural colors remain among the best preparations that highlight the beautiful face shape and make it look naturally elegant and attractive color, so girls are trending in the recent period To follow the Korean method of applying lipstick professionally, so that the color of the lips appears naturally, you just have to finish applying the face makeup and make sure to cover any spots and grains around the lips, to put a layer of light beige lipstick on the edges of the lips and the inner part of the lips from the top and bottom, and move The lips together until the lipstick is applied on them completely, then wipe the entire lips with a layer of powder or foundation suitable for the skin color using a sponge, and distribute the lipstick on the entire lips with drawing a heavy layer and wipe the edges of the lips from the top and bottom with a layer of powder or foundation suitable for the skin color Using a sponge, move the lips together until the lipstick is applied and overlaps with the powder and foundation. You can use Korean make-up to reduce large or thick lips by applying lipstick in a gradual manner, and it is recommended to use light-colored lipstick on the lower and upper line of the lips, and take into account the gradation of colors until the dark color is used in the middle of the lips to appear smaller than their natural size.



Natural color lipstick tips





The tools used in the application of Korean makeup vary, which differs using simple tools and is characterized by calm colors, and one of the most important features of Korean makeup is the use of natural colors. And for perfect tips: Use soft, natural lipsticks that are light and not dark, and do not hesitate to apply a “transparent liquid” lip gloss to the lips for more gloss and attractiveness, and take care of exfoliating and moisturizing the lips, making them more fresh and natural, renewing blood in them, and maintaining their natural pink color.

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