Kombucha, the drink with a thousand virtues

The history of medicine mentions a Korean traveling physician by the name of KOMBU, who cured the Japanese Emperor INKO of a chronic gastric infection in AD 414.

The drink he concocted for the treatment of the monarch bears his name:  KOMBUCHA , which means: ”  Kombu tea”  .

The natural product that is Kombucha was considered a traditional remedy during the Tsing dynasty of the Chinese Empire (221 BC), 2000 years ago. It was attributed fortifying properties and healing virtues, especially during chronic gastric disorders.



The  KOMBUCHA  is an Asian drink, obtained after fermentation of an infusion of plants in a symbiotic cultivation (mixture of bacteria and beneficial yeasts). It is therefore a PROBIOTIC.

To maintain their health, men have since the dawn of time developed fermented foods and drinks.

The reason being simple: during fermentation, it forms vital elements, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes; in fact, all the elements which stimulate digestion, purify the organism, promote the elimination of waste and toxins, favorably influence the intestinal flora, stimulate the immune system and strengthen the body’s defenses.

Its purifying and detoxifying effects due to gluconic acid prevent peroxidation and solubilize toxins, as well as chlorogenic acid which inhibits carcinogenic nitrosamines.

 Highly concentrated in nutrients and living microorganisms, kombucha is rich in enzymes, polyphenols and organic acids. It is far from having the chemical taste of an industrial drink. Sweet and sparkling, kombucha can nevertheless surprise with its taste or its liquid containing some residues. It is a real “booster” which helps regulate and vitalize the metabolism, facilitate digestion while strengthening the immune system.

A regenerating and recovering effect of the epithelial cells of the intestinal and oral mucous membranes and of the epidermis due to organiqyes acids, enzymes, vitamins and polyphenols.

It is advisable to drink it to last during a period of fatigue or stress, as an express remedy against a hangover or to recover from physical exertion.

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