It is possible to regain your bleached hair without dye and chemicals!

Sooner or later, almost everyone’s hair is destined to turn gray. According to some, white hair is a pleasant image, but according to the majority, it does not go beyond a neglected image. .. It is possible to regain your hair by keeping it away from chemical dyes… How?


We found a cheaper and at the same time easier way. All you need is a few potatoes. Potato skins contain an enzyme called ‘catecholase’, which is used in cosmetic products to soften the skin and can give color to your hair. Shells will not harm your hair, and it is much healthier than chemical dyes. Therefore it is worth a try.


How do you do to change the color of your hair from potato skins?




potato skins






First, wash the potatoes well. After the skins of the potatoes are cleaned of dirt, peel the skins off. Boil these shells well in a saucepan for 30 minutes. After the potato skins boil, drain the water. Let the water cool a bit as you will be using the water. Feed this water to your clean hair. You can also apply it with the cream so that the smell does not bother you. You can apply this method two or three times a week.

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