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Is Antiperspirant Used As a Anti-Transpirant Harmful For Body Health

Although sweating is a natural process, it can become a fearful dream of many people in some moments. Among the most used personal care products when it comes to sweating and the smell of sweat comes deodorants. Deodorants, aims to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the armpit and thus prevent the smell of sweat. But unlike deodorants, products that directly inhibit sweating and are called antiperspirants are also widely used. Some people think that antiperspirants are much more functional care products than deodorants because of their anti-sweating effect. However, especially if it is a sector that references scientific studies in 1960 and 70’ years, it is thought that these products are quite harmful in terms of health! So, are antiperspirants really harmful to health? Let’s look at the details together…


Antiperspirant is an odorless skin care product with aluminum salts in it


These salts cause pores in the skin to become clogged temporarily. Thus, people who use antiperspirant do not sweat for a certain period of time or sweat much less than those who do not. However, antiperspirants are odorless products. For this reason, many cosmetic products today contain both deodorant and antiperspirant. But some people think that antiperspirants are extremely dangerous for health…


Some scientific studies in the 1960s and 70’s suggested that aluminum salts in antiperspirants were linked to Alzheimer’s


Because aluminum was detected in the brains of people who got this disease. But even today there is no definitive conclusion as to whether the aluminum in the brain is caused by too much exposure to this substance or by disease! On the other hand, today’s scientific studies reveal that almost everyone is exposed to some amount of aluminum in their daily lives. For this reason, many scientists disagree with the idea that aluminum in the antiperspirant content will pose a health problem. In addition, many recent scientific studies support this idea. So it can be said that there is no link between Alzheimer’s disease and antiperspirant use.


Another concern about the use of antiperspirants was that these products increased the risk of cancer


There was a widespread belief that it caused breast cancer in particular. For this reason, a lot of scientific studies have been done on this subject in recent years. There was also no direct relationship between anti-spiration products and breast cancer…


Does clogging antiperspirants in the skin pose a health risk


To answer directly, no! However, some people have a belief that this can cause toxin accumulation in the body as well as scientific facts. However, the task of fighting toxins in the body is not on the skin or sweat glands, but on the kidneys and liver! In other words, the fact that antiperspirants clog pores in the skin does not cause any health problems…


In short, antiperspirants are not harmful to health. But like many cosmetic products, it can cause some allergic reactions!


Therefore, according to a large number of people, the remedies to get rid of sweating and the smell of sweat should be sought in completely natural methods. And there are some things that can be done for that. For example, you can apply a mixture of carbonate and lemon juice to your armpit by turning it into a paste. Apart from this, a nutrition program away from alcohol, caffeine, spices and processed foods will also provide an important stage in the fight against the smell of sweat…

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