How do we treat difficulty breathing in children?

A child may suffer from difficulty breathing due to many things, especially at the beginning of his life when he is still young and not good at expressing what is bothering him. The brain plays a role in increasing difficulty breathing. If the respiratory center in the brain does not work normally, even if the remaining organs are healthy, difficulty breathing may occur.


However, if there are problems pumping blood to the lungs or to the body, the body will not receive blood full of oxygen and this will cause difficulty breathing, even if the oxygenated blood reaches the lungs and the oxygen moves to the lungs and they are infected, for example, with infections, they cannot transfer oxygen to the blood.

If the muscles that help the child breathe are weak or paralyzed, this makes breathing more difficult. Anything that blocks any part of the airway and blocks oxygen from reaching the lungs may be the cause of difficulty breathing.


Airway endoscopy is the ideal solution to get rid of this problem, as the pediatric ear, nose, and throat surgeon can do this under general anesthesia, but every child is different from others, which means that the treatment lies in knowing the basic reason behind the difficulty breathing and then resorting to a doctor. To find out which treatment is best.

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