Infections may negatively affect memory

A medical study warned that exposure to several types of the most common infections can negatively affect memory functions.


The new study indicates the need to conduct more research in this regard to draw concrete conclusions.

The findings were presented at the recent meeting of the American Stroke Association in San Diego and were presented by a team of researchers at Columbia University in New York.

The researchers stressed their concern about memory decline in the event of exposure to infection, as research has confirmed the definite relationship between microbial infection and memory decline.

The researchers conducted their research on brain functions among more than 588 elderly people to evaluate memory and thinking ability. They also sought to analyze the relationship with evidence between pneumococcal bacteria, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, and memory decline.

Data suggest that pneumococcal viruses may lead to pneumonia and bronchitis, while herpes viruses cause cold sores and other conditions. However, the study showed that exposure to bacteria or viruses does not necessarily mean that a person will suffer from illness or decline in memory

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