Indian Oil Mask Application Preventing Eyebrow and Eyelash Loss

Indian Oil Mask Application Preventing Eyebrow and Eyelash Loss





1 Teaspoon Castor Oil


1 Teaspoon of Sweet Almond Oil


Preparation and application:


Put the castor oil and almond oil in a small bowl and mix well.


Apply to your eyebrows by dipping them into the mixture in this bowl with the help of ear cleaning swab or cotton.


While applying, apply in the direction of your eyebrows.




Apply this method, which is applied to spilled eyebrows and eyelashes, at regular intervals for 15 days. Afterwards, apply the application frequency once in 2 days.


You can also increase the density of your eyebrows and eyelashes with this mask. At the same time, this method contributes to the growth of the hairs, helping you to obtain curled eyelashes.


With this method, it will be very good for your eyebrows that have fallen out later.


Make sure to apply this to your eyebrows after each bath. If your eyebrows continue to shed, this method will stop the shedding. Because these oils strengthen the hair follicles and enable them to adhere to the skin.


You do not need to wash your eyebrows or eyelashes after applying the mask. If you wish, you can make it in the evening and leave it until morning. The longer the mixture stays on the skin, the more beneficial it will be. However, you have an emergency and if you need to go out, you can wipe with rose water.

When applying the mixture to your eyebrows and eyelashes, be careful not to get it in your eyes. If otherwise, wash your eyes immediately.

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