Foods you should stop storing in the refrigerator

Many people put leftovers in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a longer period, but we should not put all the food in the refrigerator, as some foods can lose their taste, flavor and color when placed at a low temperature, as for some items, such as butter, bread or vegetables Or fruits, cold storage is necessary. In this report, we learn about foods that should be stopped being stored in the refrigerator, according to the “Health” website.




Foods you should stop storing in the refrigerator


Refrigerators are used because they keep food fresher for a longer period of time. However, not all food is supposed to be kept inside refrigerators, and there are several reasons for this.”




Here are 7 foods you should avoid keeping in the fridge




1. Bananas


Since bananas are native to the tropics, it wouldn’t make sense to put a tropical fruit in a cold environment.


Bananas require room temperature for two reasons: the warm temperature helps the fruit ripen and the light and air slow the decay process.




2. Fresh herbs


It is difficult to keep fresh herbs fresh, because if stored incorrectly basil, thyme, rosemary and other herbs lose their flavor and dry out in the refrigerator.




3. Oil


Any oil, whether it’s vegetable, coconut, olive, or any other type of edible oil, will solidify quickly in the refrigerator. It would be best to keep it in your kitchen on a cool dark shelf.




4. Cooked chicken


Cooked chicken spoils in the refrigerator for more than two to three days and not only does its taste change, but storing it at a cold temperature spoils texture and flavor.


Eating cooked and refrigerated chicken can lead to food poisoning and many other digestive problems.




5. Honey


Honey has a long shelf life and does not go bad at room temperature. Storing honey in the refrigerator will cause it to crystallize, making it difficult to get it out of the jar. Keep it on a cool, dark shelf.




6. Unripe mango


Raw mangoes should not be refrigerated as refrigeration slows down their ripening and also makes the mangoes hard in texture. It is recommended to store only ripe mangoes in the refrigerator to keep them firm, sweet and fresh.




7. Coffee


Humidity in the refrigerator can cause watery condensation to form, which is not good for the flavor of ground or whole bean coffee.


Instead, store the coffee in an airtight container so it stays fresh until it’s time to brew it.



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