How to use vitamin E for the face


Vitamin E oil or vitamin E is one of the vitamins that accept fat solubility, which exists on eight chemical forms, namely (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta tocopherol, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta tocoternol), and it is known about this type of vitamins the extent of its enormous benefits for the skin, as it enters the vast majority of care products for both skin and hair, in many foods and sources such as vegetable oil, rice Brown, almonds, eggs, spinach, and other foods and drinks for anyone who has a mind to wonder where vitamin e is.


How to use vitamin E capsules for skin

Vitamin E is one of the best vitamins that help to deeply moisturize the skin, restore the moisture lost to dry, damaged skin, and can be used here by mixing a few drops of vitamin E oil, with any night moisturizer, and then distribute it to the skin and body before bedtime, and there are many vitamin E masks to whiten the skin:

Take vitamin E capsules: take vitamin E capsules at the rate of one and a half capsules for a month and a half to achieve healthy, supple skin.

The use of vitamin E to get rid of wrinkles and treat acne: through the topical use of vitamin E on the places where acne has appeared effectively helps to eliminate them quickly, as it is rich in antioxidants and therefore used to get rid of wrinkles, and works to renew skin cells and give them freshness and vitality.

Use of vitamin E as an elbow and knee moisturizer: first apply a skin scrub in the knee and elbow areas followed by applying a solution of concentrated vitamin E capsules, and then massage the desired area to smooth and lighten it well.

Use vitamin E capsules as a skin cream: by mixing a vitamin E capsule with a daily moisturising cream and applying it to the face, to benefit with a cream rich in vitamin E, or by combining it with a special Moisturizing Body Lotion.

Use vitamin E to get rid of dry lips and treat them: this is done by taking the oil inside the capsule and mixing it with the lip balm used daily, until you get soft, moist lips.

The use of vitamin E capsules in the form of a Face Serum: by bringing a capsule of vitamin E and then open it and put what is there from the oil in the palm of the hand and massage the skin, then leave on the face for a whole day, and it is necessary to take care and care to avoid the use of

How to use vitamin E for oily skin


One of the most prominent features of vitamin E is that it is very rich in antioxidants, which contribute greatly to reduce the skin’s fat and unwanted shine, and what may appear on it from pigmentation and dark spots resulting from long exposure to ultraviolet rays without the use of sunscreen the benefits of vitamin E in the removal of scars as well:


Capsule one or two capsules of vitamin E.

One small-sized spoonful of castor oil.

Method of use

The contents of the capsule are emptied and then mixed with castor oil well.

Apply the mixture to the skin desired to get rid of excess fat.

The mixture remains on the face for the whole night.

Clean the skin after the night passes the next morning.

Repeat the same routine every day for a whole month.

Vitamin E experiments for the face

Thanks first to be sure about whether the original vitamin E oil and imitation and immediately confirm that it is original is used then to eliminate what affects the facial problems and give it a vital appearance of freshness especially related to the treatment of dry skin, which is reported a lot of experiences for women who have been suffering from such problems. [2]

One of the best ways received about its use is to mix it with olive oil rich in oleic acid, which contributes to the hydration of the skin in addition to maintaining its moisture, with the vitamin E antioxidants that help treat dry skin and become more moist and soft, where vitamin E is characterized by density and thickness of its oil texture, so it is one of the best that can be used for dry skin. [2]

Method of using vitamin E for dark circles

Vitamin E gives the skin a lot of benefits and addresses many problems including dark circles around the eyes and what appears on the face from traces of wrinkles and signs of aging, by treating permeation in the damaged area of the skin and then treating it, and also prevents damage caused by free radicals that damage the skin and dark color around the eyes.

It contributes to getting bright and sparkling eyes by taking one capsule per day, which extends its effect and benefit to all organs of the body and the state of Health in general, it can also benefit by applying it to clean skin and then the face is massaged comfortably and gently by the fingers, then left on the face for between fifteen minutes to thirty minutes, [3]

Method of using vitamin E capsules for hair

On the use of vitamin E to treat wrinkles, it is used by emptying the contents of a number of capsules of vitamin E and mixing them with a combination of oils such as olive oil and castor oil then massage the scalp by fingertips then cover the hair with a warm towel for forty-five minutes, then wash the hair with water and shampoo well,