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How bleached sensitive areas - Care Beauty

How bleached sensitive areas


Women are always interested in their appearance and personal hygiene, since beauty is always associated with cleanliness, softness and vitality, and uniform skin color.one of the most problems faced by girls is dark skin color, especially in sensitive areas. women & apos; s body is important to them and constitutes the most important thing, since sensitive areas are special and highly sensitive areas and are important to women. there are many factors that cause the color of sensitive areas to change, most of which are the humidity of sensitive areas throughout the day or due to insufficient attention to personal hygiene. lack of attention to the type of fabrics that women wear causes the skin to acquire a dark color.


Recipe to lighten sensitive places as quickly as possible

Girls always need recipes to lighten skin color, as the dark skin color in sensitive areas, causes a lot of inconvenience, and does not feel safe or confident, but women should be alert to things that cause skin color change, which is often due to a combination of factors, which are[1]:


Skin allergy: girls often suffer from sensitive skin, especially in the bikini area, and the most important symptoms include redness, grains and itching, all due to lack of attention to personal hygiene, in the necessary form, and the use of cosmetic products, chemicals and alcohol perfumes, causes more pills and exacerbates problems in that sensitive area.

Fungal infection: often a fungal infection is the reason for the contamination of sensitive areas, and areas of the body women, and fungal infection as a result of excessive sweating, especially to tanning, and wear non-cotton be a big reason of causes of fungal infection, as not to dry the sensitive area well cause fungus problems serious.

Wearing tight clothes: wearing tight underwear causes great harm to the sensitive area, which leads to tanning of the thighs and pubic area, and fabrics made of underwear have a big factor in increased sweating, itching and large problems of the sensitive area.

Shaving the sensitive area: there are many ways to remove hair, and most of what hurts the skin and the sensitive area, shaving the sensitive area through the Blades, where it seems easy and simple, and the Blades are considered one of the easiest means, where there is no pain, but in fact are the most ways that cause inflammation of the skin, as the

Whitening sensitive areas of the bride

The bride cares most about the sensitive area, and she wants to be the Queen of everything in it is beautiful and distinctive, and one of the most important areas in the body of a woman is the pubic area and thighs, and as we mentioned negative habits, generally affect the appearance of the bride and the following are the best recipes]

Mask lemon: Lemon Mask is one of the most important mascots and ingredients that girls should be keen to use, as the lemon contains acidic substances, vitamin C, as the lemon juice, works to remove dead skin, helps the growth of new cells, and skin more strong and shiny, and can be used by wiping a soft cotton filled with lemon, and move it on the dark area, and rinse with lemon, and with them half a spoonful of white honey, leave on the skin for half The skin should also be moistened after using the lemon mask, as it works to increase the dryness of the skin.

Aloe vera recipe: aloe vera is known for its great effectiveness in lightening sensitive areas, as that recipe is very safe on the body, as it contains oxidants and alucine, and it regulates melanin in the skin, and all the recipes that enter it aloe vera rejuvenates the skin and makes it regain its vitality, and the way as follows:

The pieces of aloe are washed from the outside, extract the gel between the two layers of the outer shell.

Add to the aloe gel, two tablespoons of turmeric.

The whole ingredients are mixed and placed on the bikini area.

The catcher is left on the area for half an hour.

Rub and massage roundly, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Milk mask: milk is known for its great effectiveness, in smoothing the skin, giving it freshness and vitality, and making it shiny and shiny, especially that the milk has a great ability to make the skin good and restore its vitality, and it is completely safe, and does not strain the skin, and the mask is made through a cotton

Whitening sensitive areas super fast

Girls often want to get fresh skin quickly, especially as the skin needs more time to regain its vitality and vitality, but there are many recipes, which come with effective and quick results, among them[3]:

Papaya Soap: papaya soap is known for its great effectiveness in lightening the skin, so be careful to use it at night and in the morning, and you must keep the skin moist after the use of soap, as the soap works on dry skin, so moisturizing is necessary and important, and uses papaya, by Mash the fruit of papaya, and leave it for half

Baking soda recipe: baking soda is used, or sodium bicarbonate in lightening the skin, where it helps remove dead skin, and help balance the PH needed to uniform skin color, and there are many benefits in that recipe, by adding a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate, to two tablespoons of water, and mix that recipe until you get a creamy paste, and massage the skin in a talcum powder catcher to lighten sensitive areas. 

Creams for lightening sensitive areas from the pharmacy

Girls often look for alternative solutions to recipes, through creams found in pharmacies, here are some creams to lighten sensitive areas to lighten the skin:

Pezelin cream for lightening sensitive areas: pezelin cream for lightening sensitive areas, one of the whitening creams for the skin, has a great sales and unmatched effectiveness in lightening the skin, as it acts as an antioxidant in the sensitive area, regenerates skin cells, and softens the skin and skin.

Tritospot skin lightening cream: it is one of the most famous creams in skin lightening, helps in the uniformity of skin color, hides pigmentation, eliminates it completely, and is one of the most popular creams that eliminate any pigmentation sold in pharmacies.

Pearl Queen cream: this cream works to whiten the delicate area, as it is rich in ariutin and works to nourish the skin, and gives it freshness, shine and strength, and one of its most important advantages is that it suits all skin types.