How to use steam to clean the face?

Our skin goes through many difficult stages and exposure to factors that result in skin damage, especially in the summer. It is exposed to impurities and dust during the long summer days, which makes the skin greasy and tired, isn’t it? Do you want to pamper your skin in the summer without spending long hours in the beauty salon? Do not forget to resort to natural treatments. Today we decided to show you a set of tips that will help you when applying a face steam mask. If you have severe acne and pimples, you can try this mask twice a week.

How to use steam to clean the face?

  •  turmeric powder
  • A handful of cinnamon.
  • Green tea
  • water .

Start by cleaning the skin well using the cleanser designated for it to remove traces of make-up and dirt. Once you cleanse the skin well, don’t forget to dry it. Then take at least 1/2 liter – 1 liter of plain water and transfer it to a large large hot frying pan until the water boils and is very hot.

Add a teaspoon of turmeric, 4-5 pieces of cinnamon and a tablespoon of green tea to the boiling water before turning off the flame.

Green tea has many benefits for the skin, as it helps you get smooth and glowing skin and reduces sun damage and inflammation. It contains a high percentage of polyphenols, which slows down the aging processes and helps you maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

Turmeric powder contains a large amount of natural sulfur, which acts as an antibiotic against skin infections and thus cures pimples as a natural antibiotic.

Cinnamon is one of the wonderful elements for the skin to exfoliate and thus acts as an antiseptic, astringent, antifungal, antiviral and thus deeply cleanses the skin.

After turning off the flame, take a clean spoon to mix all the ingredients together so you can activate the natural herbs and spices. The hot water will evaporate and turn a bright yellow color due to the turmeric powder, but don’t worry, the color indicates that the herbs are working properly.

Now take a thick towel and put it around your head, before exposing the face to steam for 8-10 minutes, but if you have a very greasy one it can last for 20 minutes and close your eyes and relax until the steam penetrates the pores and once you are done dry your skin. And apply a toner suitable for your skin type and moisturizer.

Benefits of steam for the skin:

 Increase blood circulation:

There are receptors on the skin that alert the brain when the body temperature rises and respond when the temperature rises, the body begins to respond to heat. As part of this response, the skin’s vessels expand more than blood and can flow into the skin to release heat. In addition to giving up the heat. The blood delivers oxygen and nourishing nutrients to the skin. It produces an increase in blood flow in the skin, which is one of the benefits of using steam for the face.

 increase sweat:

While it is not easy to open the pores easily, exposing the face to steam increases perspiration because it has a soothing and cleansing effect on the skin. Sweat is 99 percent water, according to the Indiana University Department of Physiology of Medicine. When sweat flows from the skin, it raises the rate of dirt and gets rid of dead skin cells and other debris that clogs pores on the surface of the skin and enables steam to remove them easily.

 Change in skin secretion:

It is called sebum, the natural oil in the skin that moisturizes and protects the skin by sebum glands located in the hair follicles. When sebum becomes trapped in the follicles due to excessive sebum production, it results in clogged pores and acne formation. Steam is a form of penetration. When steam is applied to the face, the steam softens the blackheads so that they can easily release it through the nozzles.


The body needs to make new cells and divide cells in a process called mitosis. When new cells are formed. Over time, cells migrate and skin layers undergo profound physiological changes. At the time when it reaches the upper layer of the skin and flat cells and thus difficult to die. Dead cells provide a protective barrier for the body to keep it from bacteria, germs and fungi, and keep a lot of moisture from not escaping. Steam helps you get rid of excess cells and prevent early signs of aging.

open pores:

Regularly exposing the face to steam helps keep the pores open and keeps the natural oils flowing freely. This method prevents clogging of pores and gets rid of dirt and dust.

Makes you look younger

Steam stimulates blood flow, stimulates blood circulation, and pumps blood into the veins of women. It is the best way to make the skin look younger and the skin appears rosy and get rid of fatigue.

Get rid of dead skin:

One of the main benefits of using steam to clean the skin is that it gives the skin the ability to resist aging by getting rid of dead skin, because dead skin makes you look tired and dull.

Included in facial masks:

If you have extra time, you can use steam to clean the skin before applying the mask so that the mask achieves its benefit, and do not forget after applying steam on the face to close the pores with cold water.

Getting rid of black and white heads:

If you have tried using steam before, it helps you in cleaning the face to get rid of black and white heads. Because this steam helps you open the pores, making it easy to extract them and preventing the formation of new black heads on the skin. It reduces black and white heads and here’s how to do it at home.

Wash the face with a cleanser and then boil the water in a bowl and as soon as the fumes come out, cover your head with a towel and allow the steam to reach the face. While raising the steam on the face, move your face from side to side so that you do not feel the heat and do this for a few minutes so that you can bear the heat.

And now looking at the woman and using the forceps you can gently extract the white and black heads. You may need to apply a little pressure on it so that it does not become too harsh on your skin and damage it.

Once you do, wipe the face with a cool water mist to close the pores.

Maintaining glowing skin:

Steam helps you get glowing skin because it helps you eliminate dead cells that accumulate on the skin and give the appearance of dull skin. These dead cells result in the growth of bacteria, which leads to problems such as acne. Once this layer is removed the skin appears more glowing and here’s what you need to do.

Prepare a bowl of boiling water and wrap a towel around the head before exposing the face to steam for a few minutes. Then wipe the face with a clean towel and wash your face. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen when you go out and include fruits and vegetables in your diet as well.

Prevents acne:

Pimples are a common problem in adolescence and many people suffer from it. Steam helps you to control this problem. Because acne is caused by clogged pores with dirt and sebum. The steam eliminates the accumulated dirt and oil, thus preventing the formation of pimples.

Prevents the formation of pimples:

Exposing the face to steam in the above-mentioned method, and once the pores are opened, use clean tissues to eliminate dirt and sebum and clean the surrounding area. You can press your skin to clean your skin better.

After wiping it, wash the face with cold water and leave the face to dry on its own. For better results, you can apply the Moroccan mud mask on the face.

 Prevents aging:

As the body enters its thirties, the rate of circulatory activity becomes less. Steam helps improve blood circulation by expanding these vessels, which leads to better blood flow. It releases toxins and retains skin moisture and this makes the skin look more youthful.

Exposing the face to steam for an appropriate period, massaging the face in a circular motion to increase blood flow, and washing the face with cold water