How to use lettuce for the skin

There are aesthetic benefits of lettuce that you may overlook, especially in skin care and restoring its youth and freshness, that makes you not abandon it in your skin care rituals. 

How to use lettuce for the skin

Lettuce contains effective properties to treat skin problems

You can simply eat lettuce leaves to get the full benefits by adding it to different salads or dishes. Or it can be prepared by extracting the juice of the lettuce and placing it directly on the skin for a few time, then washing the face with water.

Lettuce to eliminate acne

Lettuce helps get rid of acne

The components in lettuce help protect the skin from various diseases and infections, such as: acne and psoriasis. Lettuce is a skin toner and contributes to unifying skin tone . You can easily use the paste or juice of lettuce leaves in various face masks. This will definitely give you the benefits that your skin deserves. It will also make it more firm and youthful. The way it is: Add low-fat or skimmed milk to a packet of lettuce leaves. Boil the mixture over a low heat for one minute. Cut the lettuce leaves into four sections. Put each section on the place of the grain as a warm compress for twenty minutes. Wash the face with warm water only. 

Lettuce to treat dark circles

Lettuce contributes to the elimination of dark circles

Lettuce reduces the appearance of dark circles tightens, moisturizes and softens the skin, and contributes to getting rid of skin pigmentation, because it contains vitamin “A”, which helps to renew skin cells and get rid of dead cells. All you have to do is add a packet of lettuce leaves to a pot of water and bring it to a boil together, add a little rose water. Dip the cotton pads in the mixture after it cools down a little and place it on the eyelids or under the eyes, making sure to relax for ten minutes.

Lettuce to nourish dry skin

Lettuce helps nourish the skin, repair and renew skin cells. This in turn helps the skin to feel rejuvenated because it contains a very high level of Vitamin A. In addition to its ability to delay the signs of skin aging. All you need to do is add about 5-6 lettuce leaves in your daily diet, or extract the lettuce juice and apply it directly on your face. In both cases, lettuce helps moisturize the skin . It is considered the best treatment that can be applied to dry skin.

Lettuce to give vitality to the skin

Lettuce helps moisturize the skin and give it radiance and freshness

Lettuce helps renew skin cells and give them vitality and freshness, because it contains a large amount of vitamin A, water, and antioxidants. In addition to the beneficial fibers that help remove toxic substances from the body and skin. Thus, preventing the latter from damage and the appearance of signs of aging. All you have to do is add 5-6 leaves of lettuce per day with any meal you prefer in order to get the full benefits of lettuce.

Lettuce to protect the skin from the sun

Lettuce protects the skin from sun damage and helps keep the skin healthy and supple, because it contains vitamin C.

Lettuce to treat sunburn

Lettuce is useful in treating sunburn, as it is rich in potassium and vitamin A. So, by soaking the lettuce in water for up to four hours, then washing the face with it.


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