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How to use hair filler ampoules

Hair care methods vary to suit different needs, and hair filler ampoules are one of the topical means that you use to moisturize and care for hair on a daily basis. Learn with ” the way to use hair filler ampoules and its benefits in maintaining the health and vitality of hair.


How to use hair filler ampoules


Fillers are considered one of the latest technologies used in hair care; Due to its very effective results, it gives the desired results in the least possible time, especially if the hair is light.



Benefits of filler ampoules for hair


The use of a hair filler is useful in nourishing the hair and enhancing its health and luster


Hair Filler Ampoules are hair care products, and the ampoule consists of several properties that are of great benefit to the scalp and hair, the most important of which are:


It works to nourish the hair from its roots to its ends, and increases its density.


Helps reduce frizz and dull hair texture; It is enriched with hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the hair, leaving it soft and shiny.


It contributes to restoring the vitality of the hair, as it contains collagen.


It treats damaged hair and regenerates tissues to promote new hair growth, as it is enriched with Panthenol.


It provides intense care for curly and damaged hair, smoothes it perfectly, and makes styling easier, because it is rich in proteins that are part of the hair structure.


It fills all the voids in the hair, for its richness with the basic materials that are all poured into the framework of enhancing the strength and growth of hair.


Protects hair from heat and humidity and repairs damage caused by the use of dyes and heat styling tools.


It works to soften the hair and make it more smooth, and forms a barrier against environmental pollutants, and treats the damage caused by the use of dyes.


Fights and prevents dandruff, and relieves itching of the head.


The pores of the scalp are opened, allowing the product to pass and achieve the desired benefit in nourishing the scalp.


It works to detangle and knot the hair.


Suitable for all hair types, even oily ones


How to use hair filler ampoules


How to use a hair filler in easy and simple steps


One of the advantages of hair filler ampoules is its easy and simple application method. You can benefit from it by applying it to the hair twice a week for a period of up to six months, by following the following steps:


Wash your hair well with water and shampoo.


Squeeze the hair with your hands until the wetness is reduced.



Apply the contents of one ampoule to wet hair along its entire length from roots to ends.


If your hair is very long and reaches below the shoulders, you can use two ampoules.


Wrap your hair on the head with a towel.


Leave the filler on your hair for 10 minutes, then rinse it with warm water.

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