How to take iron supplements?

There are some factors that improve iron absorption in patients who suffer from problems with iron intake and alleviate some of the symptoms that accompany prolonged iron intake, such as constipation. The American Academy of Family Physicians summarized them as follows:


* Taking iron pills while eating.


* Take iron pills gradually until you reach the number prescribed by the treating physician, starting with one pill a day, then after three to five days you begin to increase the amount until you reach the daily dose recommended by the physician.


* Adding fiber to the daily food ration for those who suffer from constipation.


* Avoid taking the pills immediately before bed for those who suffer from stomach acidity.


* If a certain type of iron pill is causing problems, you should consult your doctor about other brands or formulas of iron.


* It is preferable not to consume sources of calcium with sources of iron in the same meal, as calcium may have a negative effect on the absorption of iron, as competition may occur between them in the absorption sites in the body, thus reducing the absorption of iron if they are consumed in the same meal. Therefore, iron can be taken in the morning, and calcium in the evening, for example.


* It is necessary to follow up medically, conduct a blood test to determine the level of iron in the blood, and stop using it when it reaches the normal level.


* Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as fresh fruit juice, drink plenty of water and fluids, and reduce your intake of tea and foods that cause constipation. Such as rice, potatoes, and cheese, to combat constipation.

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